Our Team of Dutch Designers

  • Design team

    Our strength? The Dutch designers who have designed their finest furniture for us. Gerard van den Berg brings models with a striking casual look, such as the Limec. Roderick Vos signed model Bloq, one of our first sofas, which still is a success today. Marike Andeweg designed the first cushion sofa in the collection, Heelz. Gijs Papavoine's clear handwriting is reflected in, among other things, the Penta chair. Frederik Roijé reinterprets well-known forms to new applications, such as wall element Mason. Studio Foorumi is a design platform that gives young designers the chance to pitch ideas and have them realized. Edward van Vliet introduces some extra playfulness to the collection with accessories. Studio Tom Dissel brings youth and life to the team. Together they provide the creative spark for the Design on Stock collection!

    • Roderick Vos

      “Design on Stock gives me a refreshing new view of the entire industry.   The retail trade has experienced many changes during recent years, and it’s a like breath of fresh air to see how young entrepreneurs approach this, without making concessions on the quality of the product.      It’s all about passion.”  > READ MORE

    • Gerard Van Den Berg

      “From the very moment I was introduced to Design on Stock I saw capable people. I really believe in building good working relationships. Design on Stock is a good brand that I want to design for. In addition, I think that I can add to the Design on Stock collection with a couple of irresistible pieces.”  > READ MORE

    • Marike Andeweg

      “The collaboration with Design on Stock has resulted in a series of fantastic experiences with passionate artisans and it has simultaneously enriched my creativity. Their approach is so clear and pure, that I can completely relate to this as a designer.”  > READ MORE

    • Gijs Papavoine

      “I’ve been following the development of Design on Stock with great interest for some time now. A brand that establishes itself so quickly as a major player in the Dutch furniture market doesn’t go unnoticed. An opportunity to work with an organization with a clear vision and that dares to go that extra mile to achieve it is really terrific. What I find most striking about Design on Stock is that they develop their strategy based on a clear vision and they implement it without exception. This is why, as a designer and certainly also as an industrial designer, I enjoy the challenge of investing ‘affordable design’ with added value.”  > READ MORE

    • Edward Van Vliet

      “During the first conversation with Design on Stock I was immediately struck by the inspired people behind the label. They radiate enthusiasm, love of their profession and their working methods are so efficient. The line of thought that underpins the way they manufacture, what they want to achieve and how: it has all been clearly thought out. I was immediately overcome with the feeling that I could get things done with them, that they could realize my ideas. And I’m more than happy that the finished result is affordable too.”  > READ MORE

    • Studio Foorumi

      “For talent, it is incredibly difficult to break through. With an idea you're not there yet, although it is still so brilliant. Because you need multiple skills to make sure that something is a success. In fact, after the first sketches a complete team of product developers soon for a year before a final design is in the shop. Since the crisis, the design market has been halved. Therefore lack the necessary budgets and fewer people get a chance. And so Studio Foorumi arise.”  > READ MORE

    • Frederik Roijé

      "The manufacturing industry is too little appreciated in the Netherlands. We should embrace it more. It's great to be able to design beautiful things that you make others happy. Design on Stock understands that feeling and strives for original high quality designs, with a Dutch character. I think that's fantastic. I am proud of our partnership!”  > READ MORE

    • Studio Tom Dissel

      “I am totally into being creative both in my head and then by using my hands. The next steps are when Design on Stock takes a serious look at my designs and they help me to realize my ideas. Nothing is obvious, and thats how I work too. By working collectively, I feel like a designer who is always a part of an enthusiastic and motivated team. We reinforce each other and grow together.”  > READ MORE