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    The comfort and durability of seating is determined by the combination of materials used in constructing a piece of furniture. When developing new items for our collection, we work with our designers to deliver the best possible comfort, without compromising your safety or our environment. Additionally, we meet European and US residential flammability standards without the use of flame retardant foams. A brief description of these materials can be found below.

  • Fabric info

    Premium European fabrics 

    Design on Stock offers its models in a wide selection of premium quality fabrics. All of the fabrics in the collection have an abrasion resilience of at least 20,000 cycles, which truly means they are suitable for every day use. On each product page you can see which fabric is available for each model.

    fabric qualities 


    This thick and coarse woven fabric gives a constant pattern, yet a quiet look at each piece of furniture. Since the coarse weave is combined with a fine under bonding, it not only results in a subtle 3D effect, it also makes the fabric surprisingly strong. Hudson feels soft and also is applied precisely over large areas very nicely.


    Willow has a two-tone effect with a black wire as a base. Willow is designed specifically for Design on Stock. Depending on the model, the furniture will have a modern or classic look.


    Stanton is a strong fabric that suits everyone with its playful look caused by the diversity in colors and yarns. This fabric is particularly suitable for fitted upholstery, also due to the combination of natural and synthetic yarns.


    Senna suits all styles and is a luxurious fabric in beautiful basic and natural colors with an almost unnoticeable shine that upholsters great on our sofas. In use, this fabric will obtain a semi-vintage look because of the effect of the linen; because the linen yarns will break, this will cause a fluff. The breaking of the linen yarns will not influence the abrasion resilience, but will soften the touch. Senna suits a classic, modern as well as a sporty interior style.


    This Italian fabric has a playful and natural look because of the combination of thick and thin yarns. A subtle striped pattern can appear when Byron is upholstered on big surfaces. The linen-colored bottom yarn gives Byron a very contemporary look.


    Bari has a ‘rich’ radiance because of the subtle nap which gives this fabric a luxurious feel. The viscose in Bari cause a subtle shine, which forms a beautiful contrast with the matte chenille yarns.


    This firm fabric upholsters solid on our furniture. The mélange of colors makes combining really easy with other colors or materials. Milton looks like wool without actually containing any wool. This fabric has a timeless feel to it, because all the different colors have a grey or brown yarn as a base.


    Alba is a substance with an international reputation through the natural appearance and a color palette that fits well in many interiors. Alba combines the luster of the viscose with the tough look of linen and cotton. In use, the substance will have a semi-vintage atmosphere created by light haze that occurs because of the linen in the composition. This is caused by the breaking of the fibers of the outer layer of the yarn (a yarn is composed of millions of fibers). This breaking of the yarns, however, has no influence on the wear resistance, but it gives the fabric a soft touch.


    This solid fabric with a bouclé appearance has a subtle shine and is available in a selection of earth tones. Loop is made from a mix of wool, cotton and synthetic yarns and has a chunky, ‘homespun’ character that suits furniture with clean lines.

    Divina MD

    Divina MD’s full-bodied and subtle structure is ideal for bringing an extensive range of tones to life. Its colorways, which are all crafted from a blend of different tones, appear unicolored from a distance, but reveal different color nuances under closer examination which makes these colors easy to combine with other materials.


    Bergen is the fabric with the most classic look in our collection due to the pin stripe pattern and the subtle weave. Because of the composition with wool and nylon, this fabric has a pretty high light fastness. The structure of the weaving and felt-like finishing of the fabric give Bergen a beautiful touch. Next to that, Bergen has all the advantages of a fabric with a high percentage wool; high elasticity meaning less creasing, high stain resistance, easy cleaning, antistatic, isolating and self-extinguishing. Last but not least, wool fabrics are exceptionally suitable for acoustic use.


    Ploegwool is a fabric that gives a piece of furniture, depending on the color in which it is upholstered, a tight or timeless appearance. The fabric is made from 100% pure, new wool, and has a fine weave with a high yarn weight, making the fabric comfortable and soft to the touch. The Ploegwool collection is composed of sophisticated color blends, which can bring color to an interior in a subtle way.

    Steelcut Trio

    Steelcut Trio is yarn-dyed and made from 3 differently colored yarns, often with very bright tones on the warp and lighter tones on the weft. This combination not only accentuates the three dimensional character of the weave, it also adds life to the fabric: though it looks unicolored from a distance, different shades are revealed as the viewer gets nearer.


    Hallingdal is made of wool and viscose, which complement each other well: the wool provides excellent durability and flexibility, while the viscose adds brilliance and depth to the colour. Both materials are dyed before they are spun, which highlights the rich texture of the fabric. Hallingdal suits every model in our collection and has a good lightfastness and resistance to abrasion.


    Amaro has a coarse weave with different colors which presents a subtle sense of depth. The fabric has a robust appearance and pleasant touch. The selection consists of timeless colors.


    Noplin is a no-nonsense fabric. Her "grainy" texture gives it its unique appearance and gloss gives a striking appearance.


    CrissCross is woven in different layers with different colors, so that there arises depth and movement in the fabric. This can only be seen properly when you look closely at the fabric. Despite the high percentage of wool, the fabric has a soft grip and pleasant seating comfort. Due to the different thread colors, a rich and deep color arises, which the CrissCross collections features.


    Murcia is one of the substances in our collection with a classic look. Due to the variation in thickness of the wires with which it is woven, it creates a vibrant look. If one uses Murcia, they will get a semi-vintage appearance due to the slight haze that occurs - on account of the linen in the composition. This is caused by the breaking of the fibers of the outer layer of the yarn. This breaking of the fibers has no effect on the wear resistance but the fabric gives a soft touch.


    Ormond is a fine fabric with natural features and a soft linen touch. The fabric is very surprising: small, brightly colored dots give the fabric an unexpectedly playful appearance. The fabric has a youthful and luxurious look.


    Synergy is a wool blend with a soft grip and a subtle color pallet. The substance seems to have a felt appearance, but if you look carefully you can just see the weave. Camira, the manufacturer of the substance, has partnered with Just A Drop, a body which has set a target to reduce child mortality by making clean drinking water available to everyone. For every meter of Synergy sold, a donation is made to one of the projects of Just A Drop.


    This houndstooth fabric, a pattern that was popular in the 50's, owes its name to the comparison to a chicken foot. The weave pattern is returning again. The classic fabric with neutral tints is a beautiful addition to our collection.


    Canal is the first knitted fabric collection and is designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The fabric is composed of polyester and wool, whereby the wool has its function to bring volume in the pattern. Because of this difference in height, the fabric is given even more of a three-dimensional character. The elasticity of the fabric makes it ideal for upholstering organically styled models.


    The inspiration for the pattern of Nevada comes from the nomads. The weave of the fabric is derived from a technique that is used to weave wall hangings, also called tapestries. Through the use of just this technique results in a colorful and irregular effect, the colored yarn come into a specifically designed rhythm. We upholster this substance with the pattern vertical.

    For more information about our fabric offerings for each model, give us a call and we are happy to assist you in choosing one that suits your needs well.

  • Leather Info

    premium european leathers 

    The Design on Stock collection offers an extensive color selection and various performance characteristics for you to choose from. All leather in our collection has been crafted in Europe to strict environmental standards, which means you rest comfortably knowing that they have been made properly with an eye toward sustainability and safety. On each product page you can see which leather is available for each model.

    leather qualities 

    All leather in the Design on Stock collection has been dyed through and through. We can divide our different leather qualities in two categories:

    1. Semi-aniline leather is made by treating the leather with a light finish. This coating protects the leather from dirt and moisture, making this type of leather quite low maintenance, without it losing its natural characteristics.


    Malo is a supple leather that suits both chairs and larger furniture. It is a slightly corrected Brazilian cowhide with a semi-aniline finish. This makes the leather easy to maintain.


    Boca is probably the leather that has been used most on our chairs. It has a corrected grain which creates a very consistent appearance and is finished to make it suitable for intense use and easy cleaning.


    Alamo is simply a thicker variation of the Boca, making it a good choice for bigger items in our collection.


    Basque is a semi-aniline leather finished with a light top coating. The grain is not corrected, which means some of the hide's natural characteristics are still present in the upholstery. Basque suits any item in our collection and is apt for heavy use because it cleans up pretty easily.

 Aniline leather is the most authentic upholstery leather. Oil or wax is added to the hide during processing, which gives the leather its beautiful luster. Aniline leather will age naturally, through which it will take on its particular look. Aniline leather will definitely show surface marks and color changes as it ages, which is a characteristic for this traditional leather quality.


    Cabo is a rugged leather in which many natural features are visible. The aniline leather is lightly sanded and treated with beeswax. Hereby, giving the leather its typical pure and vibrant appearance. A honest leather for lovers, that partly by the color nuances, directly displays a beautiful weathered appearance to the furniture.


    Cera is a supple, full-grain, aniline leather, treated with a very light top-coating. Cera is buttery soft, and features all the characteristics and markings of an exceptional natural product.


    Dayton is a sturdy, full-grain, aniline leather, treated with a very light top-coating. With Dayton, expect to see all of the natural characteristics and markings inherent in each hide. Dayton is a great choice for leather lovers who appreciate a natural appearance, and understand that it's look and feel will soften with use. Dayton is not recommended for high soil areas as it offers little protection from stains or spills.


    Bayu is a luxurious, full-grain, aniline leather which has been vegetable-tanned yielding a soft and agreeable touch. You can expect a 100% natural grain and structure from this leather quality. Bayu's natural markings like thorns, insect bites and healed scars together with the rich texture bring a high level of sophistication to any item in our collection. Bayu will age naturally and, in doing so, become even more attractive with use.


    The Loxton was developed for Starbucks. Those that know the layout of Starbucks know that they like to give a vintage look to a piece of furniture. Typically, this type of leather has a soft grip and the leather feels great. The opacity and color tone of Loxton creates a piece that truly comes alive. Loxton is an aniline leather. Distinct features and visible scars can be seen on this type of leather, creating an authentic character to the piece.

    For more information about leather qualities for each model, contact us and we are happy to help you arrive at a good choice for your situation.



    We use a variety of durable foam products in our collection to provide superior and safe comfort, while minimizing our impact to the environment and air in your home. All our foam has been produced in the USA without flame retardants and are CFC free.

    certified wood products 

    We use a variety of certified wood and wood-derived products for the structural components in our collection. Specific attention has been given to sourcing wood which is sustainably grown and harvested while also meeting our demanding standards for quality.

    sinuous springs 

    Sinuous springs are steel undulating springs that have been treated against corrosion and can be used in furniture backs or seats. The thickness and length of the springs are a factor in the comfort of a piece of furniture, and they guarantee years of excellent seating comfort.


    Adhesive is used to connect foam to the frame and other components inside your furniture. All adhesives used by Design on Stock are Greenguard certified.

  • Interpreting material specification sheets

    We have provided specifications for each material in our collection in order to help you make an educated decision about your purchase. You will notice a wide variety of fiber types, weaves and performance measures. Rest assured - we have only offered premium quality items at every price point.


    All fabrics discolor to some degree in time under the influence of sunlight, moisture, and heat. Cotton fabrics are more sensitive to this than woolen fabrics. In general, light colors discolor to a lesser degree than darker colors. All of our leathers are pigmented throughout, which means that a surface scratch will reveal a color which matches the top coating. Wherever possible, avoid positioning furniture in direct sunlight.

    stain resistance 

    Woolen fabrics have the advantage that they possess a natural resistance to staining. Stains penetrate the fibers less rapidly in wool when compared to other fabrics. Fabrics that contain little or no wool are more sensitive to staining. For advice about removing stains from fabrics, see the instructions on this website. Fabrics with a high percentage of wool should not be treated with an extra stain guard. With the exception of Dayton and Bayu, all of our leathers have a light surface finish that protects them from initial contact with dirt and moisture.

    stretching and creasing 

    Not all fabrics behave in the same way on an upholstered model. This has a lot to do with the elasticity of different fabrics. Wool rich fabrics are more elastic than fabrics with little or no wool. This means that upholstery with a fabric containing no or a low percentage of wool is more likely to display creases in the seating and back areas than upholstery with a high percentage of wool. During time, all upholstery will crease to some extent. The premium leathers offered in our collection are of the utmost quality, and as with all leather products will show creases and wrinkles with use. The wider the sofa, the more quickly creases can appear.


    Pilling is the term used to describe little balls forming on the surface of the fabric as the fibers entangle. The degree of pilling depends on the weave, the length of the fibers, the type of fibers and the intensity of use. Fabrics containing wool suffer from pilling more readily than other fabrics. However, the woolen fabrics we have selected are highly durable, which is measured in Martindale cycles, so they are very strong.

    fabric properties 

    The Design on Stock fabric collection includes cotton, linen, wool and polyester fabrics and has an extensive range of colors.

    The degree to which a fabric suffers pilling is determined through tests on a scale of 1 to 5, in which 1 stands for marked pilling and 5 for no pilling.

    Fabric lightfastness is determined through tests on a scale of 1 to 8, in which 1 stands for marked discoloring and 8 for no discoloring. These are divided into three categories of lightfastness:

    4 = sufficient
    5 = good
    6 = very good

    A Martindale test is used to determine how resistant a fabric is to abrasion. The higher the number of Martindale cycles, the stronger the fabric. From 15,000 cycles a fabric is suitable for normal domestic use. From 20,000 cycles a fabric is suitable for intensive domestic use. More than 25,000 cycles makes a fabric also suitable for large scale furnishing projects.

    characteristics of leather 

    Some creasing will occur in leather upholstered furniture when it is in use. This is because of the natural elasticity present in the leather. In the development and upholstering of our furniture we have taken these characteristics into account. Even so, creasing is something you more or less have to live with when you select a natural leather.


    All the types of leather in the Design on Stock collection are pigmented throughout. Under the influence of sunlight or proximity to a stove or radiator, all leather furniture will discolor to a degree through the course of time. In general, light colors discolor less than dark colors. It is best to avoid positioning your furniture in direct sunlight or too close to stoves, open fireplaces or radiators (minimum 12 inches away).

    stain resistance 

    The Design on Stock quality leathers are provided with a (light) finish that protects them from initial contact with dirt and moisture, so that it cannot immediately penetrate the leather. With the exception of the Dayton and Bayu, we advise using Design on Stock Clean & Care for all our types of leather. You can request this maintenance set directly from us and we will send it to you free of charge.


    Pigmented / polished leather is polished during the tanning process. As a result of the polishing and the light print, the natural characteristics of the leather are less visible. Polished leather is finished with an anti-soiling guard.

    Semi-aniline leather is made by treating the leather with a light finish. This coating protects the leather from dirt and moisture, making this type of leather easy in maintenance, without it losing its natural characteristics.

    Aniline leather is the most authentic upholstery leather. Oil or wax is added to the hide during processing, which gives the leather its beautiful luster. Aniline leather will age naturally, through which it will take on its particular look. Aniline leather will definitely show surface marks and color changes as it ages, which is a characteristic for this traditional leather quality.

    Full grain leather is leather in which the grain (the layer where the hairs grew) is left intact; as a result the structure of the leather is clearly visible.

    Corrected grain leather is leather in which the grain (the layer where the hairs grew) has been modified in order to hide some of the natural variability; as a result the structure of the finished leather is very consistent and shows few "flaws".

    Thickness of the leather determines the amount of structure in the hide, and therefore it's tendency for creasing in use. In general, a thicker leather is less likely to crease than a thin leather on large items like sofa's. For smaller items in the collection, a thinner leather is perfectly suitable for long term use.

    For more information about our fabric offerings for each model, give us a call and we are happy to assist you in choosing one that suits your needs well.