Product care

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    You can keep furniture beautiful and hygienic for longer through employing a good cleaning and maintenance schedule. Design on Stock advises the following tips so you get the most from your purchase.

  • Dusting

    Vacuum cleaning - once a week

    Dust particles get, literally, everywhere; even in furniture! Dust is difficult to see on furniture so many people neglect this important task. We advise vacuum cleaning furniture once a week from purchase. Use the soft brush nozzle which is intended solely for this purpose. Ensure that the nozzle does not have any protrusions that could damage the upholstery.

    Fabric upholstery

    Brush carefully over the upholstery, always vacuuming with the nap. This also removes the dust particles, like sand that causes wear over time.

    Leather upholstery

    First remove the dust, making circular movements with a soft cloth first, followed up with the vacuum cleaner as needed.

    Wooden furniture

    Dust the wood with a dry, soft cloth. This is sufficient for general, regular maintenance.

  • Things to avoid

    Avoid direct sunlight

    All upholstery discolors to some degree, but especially under the influence of sunlight. Cotton fabrics are the most sensitive to discoloring. It is best to avoid positioning furniture in direct sunlight as much as possible. If you have a lot of direct sunlight, you would be best advised to select a woolen fabric for the upholstery when choosing furniture. The entire Design on Stock collection is for indoor use only.

    Do not leave printed materials lying on the surface of your upholstery

    Many printed materials can transfer ink to fabrics and leathers.

    Be careful with sharp or hard objects and velcro

    Many fabrics and leather are sensitive to sharp objects like buckles, household pets' nails and rings. These objects can permanently damage upholstery. Velcro too has little hooks that can cause irreparable damage. So pay extra attention to children’s shoes with velcro. Heavy, hard or sharp objects can, of course, cause dents or scratches in leather and wood.

    Avoid leaving spills unattended

    The longer a spill stays on your upholstery, the more likely it will create a stain which cannot be removed. Please follow our "first aid for stains" guidelines.

    Avoid direct heat from a fireplace or radiator

  • First aid for stains


    First aid for stains on fabrics

    In general, stains should be removed immediately. Remove any solids as much as possible with a spoon. (Never use a knife or sharp object). Then place a dampened clean dishtowel (white) over the area and allow it to dry. The absorbent properties of the dishtowel will draw as much of the stain out of the upholstery as is possible. Repeat this until the stain no longer bleeds. If you decide to use a cleaning agent, try it out first in an inconspicuous area.

    Please note: never scrub or dab the stain. This causes irreparable damage to the woven fibers.

    Further treatment

    Once the stain has dried up, make enquiries with Design on Stock as to the best course of action before proceeding. Incorrect attempts to clean often lead to worse damage. Wool and synthetic fabrics should be treated with special care, as some cleaning agents can even alter the structure of the fabric. So do not use just any soapy liquid or other cleaning agent. If you are in doubt about the fibers in the fabric, please contact us. If you intend to use a cleaning agent, test it first on a place that is not in view. After cleaning, allow the piece of furniture to dry completely before you use it again.

    First aid for stains on leather

    Please note: Never rub the stained area firmly. Carefully clean the stain from the center out with a soft cloth that you reserve for your leather furniture, moistened with either boiled and cooled tap water or distilled water. Never use chemicals, household cleaning agents, a coloring agent or the like, but preferably a neutral cleaning agent. With the exception of the Dayton, we advise using Design on Stock Clean & Care for all our types of leather.

    First aid for stains on wood

    Soak up the spilt liquid immediately from the wood. Wood reacts poorly to lots of ‘moisture’ during cleaning. Remove stains with a lightly dampened cloth. Do not use scouring agents or furniture polish. Our wooden furniture has an oiled finish. To maintain the natural appearance of the wood, we advise oiling the wood every six months. This oil is supplied with our wooden furniture at the time of delivery.